Hi Folks.., welcome to our website for our band JIM HERMEL & THE HOT CHIX.

We have a few bands we work in between Jim Hermel & The Hot Chix gigs, but Wow! we sure have a lot of fun when we work together as Jim Hermel & The Hot Chix!!

It gives us the chance to 'let loose' and have some fun with the old classics, and play some good tunes for those who like to get out on the floor and rock the night away!!!

Keep a check of our Tour Dates page to find out where we are playing next.

If you are an venue or Festival organiser wishing to book the band, please look on our contacts page for all our details.

We can supply a high quality PA, Posters, Publicity through our website etc., so no matter where we are booked we are all set to rock 'n' roll!!

Check the TOUR DATES link to print out any upcoming shows in your area.

Thank you very much for your support.

Keep Rockin!